On March 14, Jeremy Geffen, a 35-year-old former manager of the Hip Hop group D12 was arrested for sexual misconduct with a minor, reportedly an ongoing incident throughout 2006 and 2007. Today, hit producer Mr. Porter, known as Kon Artis within the group, spoke to HipHopDX about the group’s involvement with the media’s reporting of the incident.

One thing I have to say in regards to this situation with our manager
is that in no way, shape form or fashion do these actions have anything
to do with D12,”
Porter told DX We have nothing to do with his personal life;
personally I don’t know anything about his life outside of him being
our manager. I hope that everything works out okay for him, and I hope it
is a case that things got mixed up. D12 is actually meeting right now
to continue doing the work that we started out doing. I hope fans don’t
take things the wrong way as we really don’t know much about the

Geffen was also actively managing The Youngbloodz and well as Young L, a member of the Bay area outfit The Pack.



Mr. Porter most recently produced “Paranoid” for WC and “Extra Hard” for Little Producer. He is said to be one of the producers assisting Dr. Dre in Detox.

Additional Reporting by Jake Paine.