Freddie Gibbs is known to troll people and joke around a lot, even when poking fun at himself. On Wednesday (November 24), Gibbs was in his jokester bag once again when he hit up Twitter with a video of himself pregaming before an event with friends.

In the video, fans can see one of Gibbs’ buddies taking a swig of Patron while the Alfredo rapper fixes his brown blazer and black bowtie. Freddie Kane’s homie told him his outfit is so fresh he looks like a Grammy Award, but Gibbs had another trophy in mind.

“Ay ay, fuck that blood. I’m an Oscar,” Gibbs said before standing to attention like the golden statue awarded to those in the film industry.

It wasn’t long before social media got a hold of Gibbs’ Oscar impression and turned him into a meme. Some of the memes had Leonardo DiCaprio holding the Gibbs Oscar statue, while another superimposed him into a promotional poster for the awards show.

Now that he’s crossed over into the film industry, Freddie Gibbs could be having his eyes set on his own Oscar Award. The Gary, Indiana native made his movie debut in Down With the King earlier this year, portraying a famous rapper called Mercury Maxwell who quits the rap game for the quiet life in a small-town farming community.



Freddie Gibbs To Star As Rapper-Turned-Farmer In Feature Film Debut 'Down With The King'

Written and directed by Diego Ongaro, Down With the King also stars Jamie Neumann, David Krumholtz, Sharon Washington and Bob Tarasuk. The movie won the Grand Prize at the Deauville American Film Festival earlier this year.

“Ever since I moved to L.A. I think that I’ve been trying to be an actor,” Gibbs said in an interview with Road to Cinema in Cannes. “I’ve been auditioning for a while and getting offers for stuff that I didn’t really want to be in, so this came about and it was the perfect opportunity for me. [Acting] is definitely what I want to transition into after music.”