What was intended to serve as an announcement of a reunion of one of the 90s more prominent R&B groups may have turned out to be a false alarm.

Thursday, Dru Hill
went to the radio station WERQ-FM 92.3, which is in their hometown of Baltimore, MD, to announce that they were coming
back together.

A video of the group’s visit is on YouTube, posted by user davyd44,
who has posted other 92Q interviews. The beginning of the show sees radio personality Marc Clarke, of The Big
Phat Morning Show, letting each of the group’s original members – Jazz, Sisqo, Nokio
and Woody – introduce themselves.

During the interview Clarke asks Woody to talk, nothing
that he has been “fly, as always, but quiet” throughout the visit.

“It feels great to have the brotherhood. I tell these guys,
when they see me coming, they can’t be in their houseclothes, they can’t even
really get comfortable, ‘cause I’m always snapping pictures,”
he jokes. “…I’m
just loving the brotherhood right now.”

But then, his response starts to take a somber tone.

“But at the same time… I feel like since I left the first
time I’ve just been called by God on an assignment and it’s something that I have
to do. Honestly, I feel like at this time, y’all guys just got it,”
Woody says.
“Y’all don’t need me to be around physically, so I feel like I’ma go do what
God called me to do, which is minister and do my gospel thing. At the same
time, I’m with y’all in spirit. I’m with y’all every step of the way.”

Sisqo then angrily put his headphones on the table and left
the room.

“Hell naw, you could’ve told us this yesterday,” he yells. “When
y’all ready to do this for real, holla at me!”

After Sisqo walks outside, video cuts to Nokio swinging at Woody,
with Jazz and someone at the station trying to keep them apart. Video then cuts
back to Sisqo storming to his SUV outside and driving away, with someone
knocking on his window yelling that he isn’t supposed to drive.