Dispet was once a united crew that was pretty much on top of the New York street-rap world. Now, it seems things are far from where they once were. Turmoil and internal beef has plagued the crew and has caused a lot of separation.


Jim Jones has already expressed concerns with Cam’Ron. The two have had it out in public, letting everyone know that the crew is divided. Furthermore, Juelz Santana also spoke on his relationship with Cam’Ron, adding that he’s got his own quarrels with Killa.


“Me and Cam gotta work some things out, bottom line,” he said on Angie Martinez‘s morning show. “I came in the game when I was young right, so it’s no reason for me – to have accomplished and did as much as I did – to be getting treated the same way as I was treated when I just came in.”


Others are also stepping forward with personal attacks. Max B is planning his attack on Jim Jones with a mixtape tentatively titled “The Assassination of Jim Jones.” As if that weren’t enough, he recently told Thisis50.com that he is ready to ruin Jones‘ career.


40 Cal is also chiming in with his own track, “Dipset is Ova.” The track is a shot at Dipset‘s leaders, adding that it has hurt the careers of the lesser known members of the Diplomat camp. Other members add to the song and each member sounds off on the issue and in the end show allegiance to Juelz‘s crew.  


“Dipset was one of the most powerful movements out there [and] still is,” chimes Bezel. “It would be nice if n*ggas would get back together but everybody gotta be their own man at the end of the day. So with that said, I really don’t know what else to say except Skull Gang b*tch!”