Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger all came to a standstill on Monday (October 4) as the social media platforms, which are owned by Facebook, Inc., suffered a six-hour blackout.

However, while a fair share of the 3.5 billion affected users expressed frustration over the outage, Offset appeared to have a different, more enlightening experience while the platforms were down.

“Damn I just noticed I’m addicted to Instagram,” the Migos rapper shared with his Twitter followers on Monday evening, shortly after the social media sites came back online.

Offset wasn’t the alone in his sudden realization, with a number of his followers sharing his sentiment in his Twitter replies.

“We all kinda are sit there for hours then realise ‘damn I got shit to do and I’m stuck on Instagram’ but still forget about it about carry on scrolling,” one fan wrote, while another added, “So are the rest of us!”

Offset has certainly been active on the ‘Gram lately, sharing numerous memories from his recent Paris trip with Cardi B,supporting Meek Mill’s new album Expensive Pain, celebrating his daughter Kulture’s first day at school and getting up, close and personal with a lion cub.

Beyond simply posting pictures, though, Instagram still lures many users into the trap of scrolling endlessly through other people’s photos and videos on the app, which can lead to warped views of reality and unhealthy comparisons. Just ask Post Malone, who took a break from social media last year to focus on his mental health.

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Ibrahim Hamad, co-founder of J. Cole’s Dreamville Records, also shared his thoughts during Facebook and Instagram’s outage on Monday, suggesting a social media blackout should become a regularly scheduled thing.

“I wouldn’t be mad at like one day a month where all social media just shuts down for like a reset,” he tweeted. “Everyone would know ahead of time so you can prepare your business moves and shit but just a one day reset a month. We all can use that shit myself included.”