While Fat Joe and 50 Cent have had
disputes for the past three years or so, now there seems to be a new variable
in the beef: Papoose.

Papoose and Fat Joe, who have beefed since
some fall-out between Joe and Papoose’s
mentor DJ KaySlay, were both booked to perform at a show in
North Carolina last Friday. While both emcees admit that a scuffle ensued, the
fight’s “result”—i.e., a winner—have been unclear between differing stories
from both parties.

50 Cent was a guest on New York radio station 105.1
Thursday and Friday, where he brought in Papoose as a guest.
While on the air, 50 played Fat Joe songs
while hurling insults over top of them.

A blog post on 50’s web site, ThisIs50.com,
featured a picture of Fat Joe with bandages and a scar above
his right eyebrow. An inset picture of Papoose is there as
well, and the caption on the picture reads: “Fat Joe Vs. Papoose
Round 1: Will Fat Joe Finally Shut His Mouth?”

But sites such as 2dopeboyz.com have also circulated the original picture of
Fat Joe, which features him wearing the same clothing and
doing the same pose, but without any facial damages. Joe also
recorded a video of himself with his face unscathed. He laughed, thanked 50
for the attention given his upcoming album Elephant In The Room, and
said that the original photo is a year old.

While Joe’s disdain for the G-Unit leader
has been chronicled in story after story, Papoose said he admires 50.

“If you don’t like 50 Cent, you might just be a
hater,” said Papoose, who has just released a mixtape of his
own, Build Or Destroy. “…This is a dude that came from the bottom, the
gutter. At one time, the industry was so closed off, nobody could get in. 50
was the dude that opened the door and broke through. He went to the top.”

HipHopDX will keep you updated as more develops.