MTV caused controversy last year after dubbing Lil Wayne the top rapper of  today in a list of 100 current artists. Namely, this list struck a nerve with Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson, who lamented to MTV, “You got other artists that are there that haven’t even made their own records…The #1 artist, tell me his first single off of his last album”. When the interviewer was unable to name Lil Wayne‘s first single, 50 then retorted “How you ‘#1’ and no one knows the record?”

But despite this apparent jab at Weezy‘s level of talent, the former Hot Boy didn’t take the bait. Rather than defend his title of ‘#1’, Weezy took 50‘s criticism as a compliment. In a separate interview, Wanye had this response when hearing about 50‘s views on him:

“That shits crazy man [laughs]. I ain’t fuckin wit 50; he too high up there…I can’t even deal wit none of that. That’s my nigga though. I respect that my name even came out the homie’s mouth. No homo.” He then went on to say “I respect him. I just took it as a compliment. I’d never go back at 50; that nigga’s a trillionaire[laughs]. I’m tryin to get there homie. I’m smart, I ain’t dumb.”

Despite Wayne‘s tactful response, the public still fueled the talk of beef between Weezy and 50. Today (Feb 25) it seems that any possible problems with the G-Unit headman have settled down. “People thought I had problems with Lil Wayne,” 50 vented to MTV‘s Mixtape Monday recently. “I don’t have problems with that little nigga. I like him. I like his music.”