Wack 100’s working relationship with 6ix9ine has just hit another level. After appearing together on Akademiks’ new podcast in July, the two rap figures are apparently making business moves behind the scenes.

Last week, the longtime music manager (The Game, Blueface) responded to an Instagram comment and revealed the controversial rapper is working on a follow-up to last year’s TattleTales album and accompanying tour.

“Never shut down,” he wrote. “Working on 69 album and tour NOW! I speak what I do cause I do wtf I wanna do. Now watch the movement.”

Wack 100 also claims he has about $43 million of business with 6ix9ine on the table. During another Clubhouse conversation, Wack said 6ix9ine is plotting his next moves with his help.



“It’s been about 30 or 45 days since I did the interview party on Clubhouse, right?” he said in the clip. “So in the last 45 days, I probably done set up $43 million of business and I ain’t seen the kid. I’m talking about big movies, European tours, renegotiated his album terms all through attorneys and email.

“Forty-five more days, shit’s gonna start being announced to drop and release, and I need him to keep talking about it to keep it hot. I just get my little 25 percent. I ain’t trippin’.”

6ix9ine dropped TattleTales in September 2020, five months after he was released from federal prison. He assumed the project would land at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 considering his “TROLLZ” single with Nicki Minaj nabbed the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100. But the album failed to do so, landing at No. 4 with roughly 53,000 total album-equivalent units sold in its opening week.



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The sales were so dismal, it prompted 6ix9ine’s ride-or-die Akademiks to call it a “flop.” 6ix9ine then more or less retreated from the public spotlight and momentarily refrained from using social media.

But it wasn’t long before he was back to his usual antics and trolling Chicago rappers such as Lil Durk, the late King Von and Lil Reese. With a new album on the horizon, expect to hear from 6ix9ine soon — whether it’s welcomed or not.