DPR IAN unveiled the music video for “Scaredy Cat,” his latest single off MITO, on March 22 under Dream Perfect Regime (DPR). The South Korean-Australian singer/director/producer finds himself going through cabin fever.

“Scaredy Cat” is the latest addition to the DPR singer’s visual concept for the tracks off his MITO EP and the titular character, which he described in his Memories in Disorder documentary as someone living in a “complete opposite world… that was very monotone, very black and white.”

Compared to the previous rock-inflected single “Nerves,” “Scaredy Cat” is more funk- and R&B-driven. The lyrical theme remains consistent, as DPR IAN sings about his paranoia as he hunkers down in a seemingly abandoned hotel, singing and dancing all by himself. “I think I’m scared / I have no time / I scream out loud just to see if I’m alive.”

The video ends as DPR IAN goes on an elevator and the end screen switches up to black and white, showing Mito. We’re bound to see how and where Mito ends up soon.

For now, watch the music video for “Scaredy Cat” below: