Soulja Boy was ranked No. 7 on Forbes‘ 2010 list of Hip Hop Cash Kings after he pulled in over $7 million that year. Over a decade later, the “Crank Dat” chart-topper is still looking for innovative ways to make money and now, he’s looking at Mickey D’s.

On Tuesday (July 6), Soulja Boy fired off a pair of tweets at McDonald’s, informing the fast-food chain giant he wanted to run a proposal by them.

“I got a billion dollar idea,” he wrote. “@McDonalds trust me.”

McDonald’s wrote back, “I’m listening” and Soulja then explained, “The SouljaBurger but the secret is in the ingredients I’ll dm them to you trust me this will go VIRAL!”

McDonald’s has paired up with rappers before, most famously for Travis Scott’s signature value meal. The meal was available nationwide last fall and the restaurant had a tough time keeping them in stock. In an internal memo obtained by USA Today, the fast-food chain admitted the popularity of the Travis Scott collaboration had resulted in shortages of the ingredients featured in the $6 meal.

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“We’ve created a program that’s so compelling to our customers that it’s stretching our world-class supply chain; and if demand continues at these levels, more restaurants will break supply,” the company told its employees and franchises owners at the time. “In fact, it’s been so lit, some of our restaurants have temporarily sold out of some of the ingredients in the meal. We’re working closely with our suppliers, distributors and franchisees to resupply impacted restaurants as quickly as possible.”

Soulja Boy is apparently dreaming about doing something similar. At least one thing’s certain for now — McDonald’s is listening.