Coi Leray is shutting down internet trolls attempting to body shame her yet again.

In a scathing thread of tweets on Monday (June 28), Coi Leray seemingly snapped and expressed her frustrations with the constant public criticism and scrutiny about her body.

Tipped off by her appearance on the 2021 BET Awards red carpet and subsequent performance, the “Big Purrd” rapper began trending on Twitter after fans proceeded to discuss her petite build — to which she wasted no time sternly explaining why she finds that foul.

“My body is always trending,” she said on Monday. “I don’t understand.”

Getting even more specific, she went directly at people worried about how small she is, reminding haters womens’ bodies come in all different shapes.

“Is there a certain way I’m supposed to look? Help me understand,” Coi Leray wrote in the first tweet stamped with crying laughing emojis before doubling down. “In the Bible is it a Sin to be thin? Help me understand,” she said.

She signed off with a coy “Yo momma,” joke, reminding the social media body police to have some respect for women since they all come from one.

“I hope all yall mothers got beach bodies,” she said.

Back in March, Coi Leray spazzed out on men judging and slut-shaming her on her timeline by literally eviscerating their manhood and making her tweet-watchers well aware she has no plans of toning down her sense of self-love or self-worth for anyone.

“Don’t talk about me my body if your dick is lil, has extra skin on it, or stank ass balls. Period,” she tweeted. “Get used to this lil ass cause I ain’t never gonna stop shaking it.”

Coi pressed on, “Get use to my braids because I’m never changing them. Get use to my body because I’m never changing anything on it. Lot of y’all do this bullying shit to every celebrity. I get it, y’all human. But a lot of people don’t understand how much it could kill someone. If you tryna kill me, just know I ain’t afraid to die. Im ready for whatever.”

Even though the Republic Records artist seems to be dealing with social media trolls on the daily, she’s also racking up major wins.

In addition to welcoming the platinum plaque for her “No More Parties” hit, Coi Leray received an honorary diploma from Montclair High School in New Jersey on June 24, more than eight years after dropping out.

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In a celebratory Instagram post with Republic founders and Mountclair alumnus Monte and Avery Lipman, Coi Leray offered some optimism and positivity to her followers.

“It’s never too late,” Coi wrote in the caption clutching her new diploma.