Wu-Tang Clan member U-God has been in disputes with RZA and Wu-Tang Music Group repeatedly throughout the last six years. These disagreements, largely over money and commitment, have now ended in a $170,000 lawsuit filed last week.

The suit alleges that U-God signed a deal with the RZA-controlled imprint in May of last year, and has yet to see payment for his work on the Wu-Tang Clan album 8 Diagrams, presently on the charts. Citing $40,000 in unpaid advance money for the album, the suit attributes another $50,000 owed from the Rock The Bells performances as well as a $60,000 publishing advance from a structured deal with BMG Music.

U-God stirred the pot in 2004, blaming RZA for the lack of unity within the Clan, favoring certain members’ projects and not pushing for the group’s initial togetherness. RZA had responded that U-God was given shine on singles such as Ghostface Killah‘s “Cherchez La Ghost” and the group single “Gravel Pit.”

U-God‘s dispute comes at a difficult time in his solo career. The 37 year-old emcee has released two unpublicized albums since 1999’s acclaimed Golden Arms.

Within the last three months, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah have also expressed their displeasure with the management and finance distribution of the Wu-Tang Clan. Along with RZA, managers Mitchell “Divine” Diggs (RZA‘s brother) and Oli “Power” Grant.