For the last four years, New York City’s Eye Jammie Fine Arts Gallery has been a mainstay for Hip Hop art installation. The Midtown Manhattan gallery has housed photography and art from luminaries such as Ricky Powell and Martha Cooper. Early this weekend, owner and founder Bill Adler announced its unfortunate closing.

I’ve had a ball running the Eyejammie Gallery for the last four years, but it now looks very much as if I’ll have to shut it down at the end of February. I simply don’t have the money to keep it open. However, if any of you has an idea about a person, firm, or academic institution that might be willing to underwrite Eyejammie, kindly let me know,Adler wrote in an email to friends and supporters. Interested parties and art appreciators can visit Eyejammie by visiting

Bill Adler is a resonant voice in Hip Hop’s documentation, as Def Jam‘s early publicist to author to appearing in such films as Just For Kicks and Vh1‘s initial Hip Hop: Ya Don’t Stop. In recent years, he had been working on a Hip Hop encyclopedia.