Los Angeles, CA

Pop Smoke was tragically killed over a year ago, but details are now emerging from court of what investigators believe transpired during the devastating early hours of February 19, 2020. Using a first-hand witness’ testimony, Los Angeles Police Department detective Christian Carrasco spoke at Thursday’s (May 6) hearing.

Carrasco essentially gave a play-by-play of Pop Smoke’s final minutes as a group of armed intruders busted through the second-floor balcony of his Hollywood Hills Airbnb mansion around 4:00 a.m. PT while he was in the shower, according to the New York Daily News.

One of the suspects held the woman in Pop’s bedroom at gunpoint while the others rushed him in the bathroom.

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“She heard a struggle coming from the shower area and heard Mr. Jackson screaming,” the detective said at the hearing. “Mr. Jackson ran out of the bathroom and then she heard a loud pop and [heard] Mr. Jackson fall to the ground. Two other individuals began to kick him.”

After hearing her son was kicked while the detective replayed the night’s events, Pop Smoke’s mother reportedly became visibly upset in the courtroom.

He continued, “Mr. Jackson gets up and run downstairs. She hears two more pops. She follows Mr. Jackson, sees him on the ground and screams for Michael (Durodola) to call 911.”

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Pop Smoke — born Bashar Jackson — was shot multiple times in the torso and his injuries proved to be fatal when he passed away at the same Los Angeles hospital The Notorious B.I.G. died while doctors attempted to perform an emergency left thoracotomy.

Four arrests were made in the Brooklyn native’s murder. Corey Walker, 20, was arrested for murder and robbery while the other three juvenile suspects are also being charged without their names available in court. The preliminary hearing sets the stage for a trial if the judge deems it necessary going forward.