Newark, NJ

Juelz Santana is still being monitored by the federal government following his 2018 arrest for gun possession. As part of his supervised release conditions, The Dipset rapper must adhere to mandatory drug testing and ask permission to leave New Jersey. According to TMZ, Santana filed a request to fly to Miami for a work trip but was denied after the feds claimed he failed a drug test.

Feds claim Juelz Santana was planning to travel to Miami with two convicted felons, which isn’t allowed when on supervised release. The Assistant U.S. Attorney also says his recent urine sample tested positive for opiates and methadone. Consequently, his travel request was emphatically denied. Santana’s team reportedly believes there’s been a mistake and the result was actually a false positive.



Santana’s attorney Jeff Henninger promises his client will follow the rules for travel requests going forward and surround himself with “the right people.”

Juelz Santana Is Officially Out Of Prison

Juelz Santana was arrested in March 2018 after he fled from TSA at Newark Liberty International Airport after agents discovered a firearm in his carry-on bag. He ultimately turned himself in but was sentenced to 27 months in prison for the oversight, although he ended up doing just 19 months. During a interview with Fat Joe last September, Santana explained why he ran off.

Santana told Fat Joe he was at a video shoot in Queens, New York the previous day and took a gun for protection. The following morning, he was scheduled to hop on a flight to Los Angeles but forgot he’d put the gun in the bag. When the TSA agents ran his bag through security, they noticed something suspicious and wanted to scan it again. He thought they were concerned about a Pineapple Fanta he’d tossed in the bag on the way out.

“I go to TSA and put my bag through security… In my mind, for everyone that’s listening, that’s not even on my mind,” he said. “Hey got my bag. I go through security, it went through. The dude from Newark airport, he knows me. He about to check the bag. Someone called from the screening point where the screen is at and said, nah, we gotta run it through again.”

But because Juelz Santana had an active warrant for a traffic violation, he took off. He said he learned about the gun when everybody else did.

“The fact that they had the warrant and they said higher authorities are going to search your bag,” he continued. “So I’m like, they gon’ lock me up for the weekend,” he said. “I literally walked.



“Everybody saying, ‘He ran out the airport. He had one shoe on…’ I get in the cab. “I hear, on Hot 97… So gettin’ close to my crib, [Hot 97] said, ‘Rapper Juelz Santana Flees Newark airport after firearm was retrieved from his bag.’ I’m like ‘What?! Ain’t no firearm retrieved from my bag.’”

Santana was released from the FCI Petersburg Medium in Hopewell, Virginia last August.