Snoop Dogg believes a video of the April 2006 incident that led to him being banned in the United Kingdom and Australia will prove his innocence. UK authorities charged Snoop and his five member entourage with disorderly conduct and starting a brawl, after the rapper was denied entry to a British Airways first class lounge at Heathrow Airport. Some of the arresting officers reported minor injuries, and after Snoop spent the night in jail UK officials opted to enforce a policy which allows them to ban foreign citizens whose presence is considered not conducive to the public good.

“They release this video and it’s floating around on YouTube [embedded below], TMZ [click HERE for the link] and all over the Internet,” said Snoop in an interview with “It’s looking real strange how they did that to me and my security. Now they looking real out of pocket.”

Snoop and his spokespeople have always denied the allegations and unsuccessfully tried to smooth things over with the UK Home Office. While the video appears to only be a portion of the actual incident, Snoop is confident that it proves his innocence.

“I’m not on some old ‘look at these motherf*****s,'” says Snoop Dogg. “You see how they did me? I’m gonna let them come to me and they’re gonna tell me I can come back in. But that’s how I get down. I’m always in a situation that looks worse than it actually is until you get a chance to lay your eyes on it.”

The restrictions caused Snoop to pull out of a series of shows with Diddy in March of 2007. Although the ban still stands, Snoop will likely tour in support of his upcoming studio album, Ego Trippin’, which is scheduled for release in March. Authorities from the UK Home Office have yet to release any statements on the incident since the video’s release.