Paterson, NJ

Rackboy Cam has been awarded almost $2 million in a lawsuit concerning YFN Lucci and PnB Rock’s hit single “Everyday We Lit.”

Cam sued YFN Lucci, PnB Rock producer the The Jenius, and Think It’s a Game Records for copyright infringement in 2018, arguing “Everyday We Lit” was similar to his own song, “Everything Be Lit.” According to, a judge ordered PnB Rock and Jenius to pay $1,447,720 to Cam on March 2 after the pair didn’t respond to the lawsuit. As for Lucci and Think It’s a Game Records, they previously settled things in 2019 for an undisclosed fee.



The total is brought up to over $1.7 million with Rackboy Cam awarded 50 percent of both PnB Rock and Jenius’ writer royalties for the song and remix featuring Wiz Khalifa and Lil Yachty. He also received $4,576.82 in legal costs and prejudgment interest at 6.25 percent per year since the lawsuit was filed.

“I feel like it was pretty fair,” Rackboy Cam said. “I’m blessed, I’m satisfied. I feel like this is a big statement for Jersey because I feel like we don’t get the credit.”

PnB Rock and The Jenius also can’t promote, distribute or perform the song without Cam’s permission.

Cam’s “Everything Be Lit” — which features Maino and Vado — was released in 2016 with YFN Lucci and PNB Rock’s “Everyday We Lit” dropping later that year. “Everyday We Lit” appeared on Lucci’s Long Live Nut EP and peaked at No. 33 on the Billboard Hot 100, with its music video racking up over 168 million YouTube views.

According to Cam, Think It’s a Game Records was previously interested in signing him, with Rock also coming to a show where he performed “Everything Be Lit.” The 27-year-old said he even contacted Rock to reach a resolution before taking legal action, but his lawyer Chris Niro was forced to file the lawsuit after finding 60 to 70 similarities.



“Not only did Cam go down to Atlanta and meet with Think It’s a Game Records about this song, he also met with PnB Rock and YFN Lucci, and then six months later, YFN Lucci and PnB Rock come out with a song that is pretty darn similar to it,” Niro said. “I mean, it really reeks of some foul play. We’re happy with how the judge handled this case.”

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Cam didn’t register the copyright until 2017 when “Everyday We Lit” started blowing up, but he would have done it in 2016 if he could start from the beginning.

“For all the independent artists out there, music is one thing, but make sure you handle your business — you’re copyrighting your music and things of that nature — because, man, the game is dangerous out here,” Cam said. “People will take your music and being that they’ve got the engine and the label to push it, they take it and won’t really give a fuck. If you don’t have your business handled, you won’t be able to protect yourself, fight for what’s yours.”

He continued, “I’m just happy that it’s finally over, justice is served. I inspired another artist to make a big record. Now it’s time for me to do the same thing for myself.”

Watch “Everyday We Lit” above and “Everything Be Lit” below.