Following Nipsey Hussle’s March 2019 murder, infamous internet troll 6ix9ine enraged his friends and fans in August 2020 when he posed for a photo in front of a Los Angeles mural dedicated to the late rapper — seemingly all for clout. Two years later and with his prison stint behind him, 6ix9ine evidently hasn’t learned his lesson and decided to throw Neighborhood Nip into another one of his Instagram rants.

On Friday (March 5), 6ix9ine hopped into Akademiks’ comment section after the former Everyday Struggle co-host shared a clip of the controversial rapper yelling at someone filming him on a yacht. Not only did he again defend his decision to become a federal government star witness, but he also dragged Neighborhood Nip into it, insinuating his loyalty to the Rollin 60s Crips essentially cost him his life.

“To all you loyal rap fans just remember your favorite rapper only gangster in the studio,” he wrote. “they don’t get locked up for anything ‘gangsta’.. and just remember just because you snitched don’t mean u soft you see what happen to ya boy nipsey the truth hurts.”

Unsurprisingly, 6ix9ine’s comment yielded thousands of responses, with the majority of people slamming the Brooklyn native for even mentioning Nip’s name. Others made sure to remind him he’s being hypocritical for calling anyone a studio gangster, while some wondered why he appeared to have a death wish.

Comments included, “@6ix9ine well you’re not gangsta nowhere and you’re Charmin soft. Keep nip name your mouth clown,” “Soft and a snitch. Disrespecting a legend” and “You need to keep Nips name out of your dicc succing lips!! You not Killin nothing with full time security and wearing a wire.. You Snitch, that will never change.”



Tekashi 6ix9ine Caught Posting At L.A. Nipsey Hussle Mural For Clout

After catching heat from The Game and Reason, 6ix9ine denied he disrespected Nipsey by taking the aforementioned photo in L.A., saying at the time, “I love Nipsey. You saw I paid respect – got on one knee. I love Nipsey, you heard? Just like you love Biggie. That’s it. That’s all.”

But it was a well-known fact Nipsey had no love for 6ix9ine. In fact, he posthumously dissed 6ix9ine on the Rick Ross song “Rich N-gga Lifestyle” featuring Teyana Taylor from 2019’s Port Of Miami 2. As part of his verse, he dogs the once incarcerated rapper for cooperating with authorities in an effort to get a reduced sentence in his federal racketeering case.



“I can’t name a fake n-gga that was not exposed,” he raps. “How y’all n-ggas so surprised that Tekashi told? Ain’t a real street n-gga ‘less you got a code.”

Nipsey was shot and killed on March 31, 2019 outside of The Marathon Clothing store in South Central Los Angeles. Since then, fans of the slain MC have continued to fiercely protect his legacy and this case is no different.

Check out a few of the comments below and scroll through Akademiks’ post for thousands more.