Freddie Gibbs was a recent guest on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast where he made a surprising admission. During the conversation, the topic of the illegality of cocaine came up and why .45 caliber bullets exist.

Fellow guest comedian Brian Moses explained in the late 1800s or early 1900s when Black men were working the docks, their bosses would feed them cocaine to keep them up all night. During one particular shift, police were attempting to chase down a dock worker who’d been accused of rape but because he was high on cocaine, the bullets they were firing at him weren’t slowing him down. As a result, Moses said the .45 caliber bullet was invented.

But before Moses could finish his thought, Gibbs suddenly jumped in with, “You know this is some real shit because there was a crackhead back in the day. I shot the n-igga nine times with a TEC-9 and he kept running down the alley.” Rogan uttered a brief “hmm” before dissecting the difference between crack and cocaine.

Gibbs’ confession sparked a cascade of reactionary tweets. Some of the Indiana-bred MC’s fans thought it was hilarious with one writing, “Freddie Gibbs opening statement on the podcast with shooting a crackhead 9 times with a tec is the best opening ever.”

But others were wondering why he’d essentially snitch on himself. Comments such as, “Did he just snitch on his self in 4K” and “What was his point of telling him?” started rolling in. Someone also pointed out how nonchalantly Gibbs said it with, “Freddie Gibbs talking about shooting a crackhead 9 times like it’s a nerf gun fight with his friends.”

Freddie Gibbs Says He's Down To Squash Jeezy Beef While Dismissing Akademiks Feud As 'Corny'

Gibbs is widely known for his sense of humor on social media, but it doesn’t appear he was joking about this. The 38-year-old is currently up for a Grammy Award in the Best Rap Album category for Alfredo, his collaborative album with The Alchemist.

He’ll face off against Nas’ King’s Disease, D Smoke’s Black Habits, Jay Electronica’s A Written Testimony and Royce Da 5’9’s The Allegory. The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards take place at the Los Angeles Staples Center on March 14.