Cardi B is full steam ahead on the promo trail for her new single. Taking to Instagram in nothing but some stick-on tassels – her outfit from the single’s cover art – Bardi flaunted her assets as she reminded her fans and admirers that “UP” will arrive in just a few days.

“This outfit was all sticker on.UP OUT FRIDAY !!” Cardi wrote with the clip. “You ready ?”

The Bronx-bred rapper also engaged fans on Twitter to talk about the follow-up to her mega-hit “WAP,” and admitted that her nerves get the best of her during major releases like this.

“BOTH …Y’all know I suffer from anxiety and fat pussy,” she joked when a fan asked whether she was excited or nervous.

She went further in depth about the struggles she faces, but thanked her fans for being the reason she pushes through.

Cardi B Announces 'WAP' Successor To Be 'Up' Single This Friday

“I want to thank all my fans and everyone that genuinely support me,” she began. “I been preparing for this week for over a month.Unfortunately I’m not feeling how I wanted to feel today .I’m very happy that you guys are happy and just know I do this cause ya go so hard for me . I’m human and I believe that I’m strong but it’s just too much sometimes .I can’t thank my fans enough for lifting me up and remaining solid it really be too much.”

“UP” will arrive on all streaming services on Friday (February 5).