Polarizing rapper 6ix9ine has been laying low since his sophomore album TattleTales failed to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart last September. But over the last week, both The Breakfast Club personality DJ Envy and Benny The Butcher claimed 6ix9ine’s alleged manager contacted them for an interview and a verse, respectively.

Meanwhile, another rapper named Kid Trunks also made a similar claim, writing on social media, “So this man Tekashi just hit me for a feature what do you think I said?”

According to 6ix9ine’s ride-or-die Akademiks, all requests were nothing but a prank. The former Everyday Struggle co-host defended 6ix9ine via Instagram on Saturday (January 30), writing, “6ix9ine ain’t ask none of these n-ggas for features lol… that was a prank call.. the prank dude did it on clubhouse.. just to show how ppl will clout chase w anything.

“N btw… no diss but if 69 finna ask for a feature why not ask drake, baby or roddy ricch. Some of the people saying they got asked… might need a feature from Lil AK at this point.”

6ix9ine’s soiled reputation as a “snitch” has dissuaded many of his peers from working with him. When Benny was initially approached by the alleged 6ix9ine associate, the Griselda rapper immediately took a poll on Twitter and made his feeling crystal clear on the prospect of working with somebody like 6ix9ine.

“Tekashi Manager hit me up and ask me [if I was] interested in doing a song with his client,” he wrote. “what u think I said?” He included two options: “No” and “Fuck No.” Unsurprisingly, the “Fuck No” choice received a whopping 96 percent of the votes.

The Breakfast Club's DJ Envy Claims A 'Tekashi 6ix9ine Manager' Called Him @ 4 A.M. Asking For An Interview

Envy revealed someone claiming to be connected to 6ix9ine called him at 4 a.m. begging for an interview.

“Mind you this is four o’clock in the morning,” Envy said during an episode of The Breakfast Club. “I’m like, ‘I got 30 more minutes of sleep what are you calling me for?’ He said, ‘Hey this is Murphy I was just playing with you. This is Tekashi 6ix9ine’s manager, would you interview him?’ ‘No.’ He says, ‘Does it have to do anything with politics?’ I said, ‘Man, you called me at four o’clock in the morning.’ Bam.”

Listen to Envy’s story below.