Los Angeles, CA – Soulja Boy was arrested for violating his probation in 2019 and sentenced to eight months in prison with time served. Upon release, he vowed to turn over a new leaf, but he’s now facing some heavy allegations. According to a press release, a woman who served as the “Crank Dat” mastermind’s personal assistant filed a lawsuit with the Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday (January 21) accusing him of sexual assault.

The alleged victim, who’s simply identified as Jane Doe, claims the chart-topping rapper sexually assaulted her, held her hostage, created a “hostile” work environment and neglected to pay her the wages she rightfully earned while serving as his employee.

The lawsuit also claims Soulja expected her to be available at all times to “clean, cook, chauffeur and perform personal assistant tasks.” After less than a month of employment, she says he began sending her unsolicited photos of his penis. A brief consensual relationship developed but eventually turned violent.

The woman says Soulja was often jealous and enraged, once kicking, body slamming and punching her repeatedly in the head. After one such incident, Soulja allegedly said, “I should have killed you.”

When Doe attempted to leave, she says he locked her in her room without water for three days, then repeatedly raped and beat her until she lost consciousness. When she was finally able to escape, she was forced to return to his home to collect her personal belongings and that’s when he allegedly raped her again. She says she didn’t receive pay for most of the 18 months she was employed.

“Way’s treatment of our client, as an employee and as a person who deserves respect, has traumatized and filled her with fear,” attorney Neama Rahmani said in the press release. “His abuse imprisoned her physically, mentally and emotionally. When she mustered the courage to flee, he impoverished her. His exploitation severely hampered our client’s ability to re-establish herself in the workplace and in society. We believe he should be held accountable.”

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This isn’t the first time Soulja has faced these types of allegations. Last January, his ex-girlfriend Kayla Myers sued the 30-year-old for assault, battery and false imprisonment, which Soulja said was “100 percent fabricated.” Considering the accusations are so similar, it’s entirely possible this is the same person who wishes to remain anonymous this time.

In a 2019 interview with HipHopDX, Soulja Boy’s manager Miami Mike claimed he’d grown since his time behind bars.

“I hate that it had to be jail to do that, but sometimes you can lead a horse to water, you can’t make them drink it,” Mike told DX at the time. “He’s totally a different person, the cat is real respectful now and he looks at things differently. The cat told me he loved me the other day, he never told me that.”