NLE Choppa’s spiritual enlightenment takes on another meaning in his new video for “Moonlight” featuring Big Sean.

In the visual, the 18-year-old Memphis native takes a glowing orb through a dilapidated old house where the chairs occasionally float, a table fields some of the world’s usual trappings (money, hookah) and more. For good measure, an Annabelle doll can be spotted hanging out as NLE run through his verse.

Meanwhile, his Detroit 2 counterpart finds himself waking up on the moon, overlooking the Earth while delivering not so thinly veiled threats if someone disturbed his peace.

“Moonlight” appears on Choppa’s From Dark To Light mixtape, which he released on November 1. He initially called the release a “risk” due to it lining up with the 2020 presidential election but has since promised to go even harder in 2021.

“I’m making 2021 my bitch, WATCH,” he tweeted on December 28 before following it up with an announcement to give fans even more music, including tracks before he made his turn towards conscious living and thinking.

NLE Choppa Promises 'Top Shotta' & 'From Dark To Light' Deluxe Albums & To Make 2021 His 'Bitch'

He added, “Imma drop a deluxe to Top Shotta” before “From Dark To Light” deluxe so I can give my fans the old songs they want.”

Watch the video for “Moonlight” above.