NLE Choppa is one of the new rappers in the game who made quite the splash this year. The 18-year-old already had a platinum hit with “Shotta Flow” in 2019 and he capitalized on that buzz with his debut album Top Shotta in the following year. With this tumultuous year coming to a close, NLE Choppa has his sights set on 2021.

On Monday (December 28), the “Walk Em Down” rapper took to his Twitter page in the early hours to let his fans know how he’s planning on taking on the new year.

“I’m making 2021 my bitch, WATCH,” he tweeted out ominously. Fans took to the comments section to figure out what he meant, with many believing the young star had new music was on the way. Hours later, Choppa returned to notify fans of the first step he’s going to take in making the next year the best he can make it.

“Imma drop a deluxe to Top Shotta” before “From Dark To Light” deluxe so I can give my fans the old songs they want,” Choppa wrote in a second tweet.

Top Shotta was released in August 2020 peaking at No. 10 on the Billboard 200 chart. It spawned six singles with “Walk Em Down” peaking at No. 38 and selling over one million units. Choppa followed the debut with his second mixtape From Dark to Light. The introspective project focused on meditation and affirmations, a sharp contrast from his previous work.

On top of letting people know what’s to come from him on the music side, Choppa is making time to school his fans on staying safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. On Sunday (December 13), the Memphis-bred rapper took to his Twitter to ask his 931,000 followers not to take the vaccine.

NLE Choppa Repeatedly Warns Fans To 'Stay Away From Them Vaccines'

Choppa did the same thing in November when he tweeted out to Lil Uzi Vert calling out Bill Gates and the New World Order conspiracy theory.

“Vaccines, Developed by @BillGates , Will alter the DNA with a RNA Coding that will remove parts of your DNA and replace it with GENETIC CODING (TECHNOLOGY),” he tweeted. “This will disable the ability of spirituality and cause people to HAVE to cooperate with the New World Order/One World Order.”