On Jack Harlow’s debut album That’s What They All Say, the curly-haired rapper teamed up with his fellow Kentucky natives Bryson Tiller and the late Static Major for a smooth, R&B-tinged lovefest on “Luv Is Dro.” For Harlow, linking up with two of his idols was something he’d planned on doing for quite some time.

During a recent conversation with HipHopDX, the Grammy-nominated rapper revealed how he managed to get the Kentucky link-up to work on “Luv Is Dro.”

“Static’s widow hit me a couple of years ago and invited me over to listen to some music and I just chose that one,” Harlow told DX. “We sat on it for two years trying to get it right and get Bryson on it. He ended up loving it and wanting to do it.”

On top of having patience with getting the posthumous vocals cleared, Harlow told HipHopDX that Bryson loved the song so much it took him some time to get the right verse down for such a strong record. It wasn’t the singer’s fault, though, as Jack said Bryson was working on his recent album, Anniversary.

“He was blown away when I sent it to him. Bryson wouldn’t let me drop it without him, but he was taking fucking forever with it. Oh my God, this man Bryson was killing me,” the “WHATS POPPIN” rapper explained. “He was working on his album, so that was part of the reason. But the other reason is he’s a slow guy. He takes his time with everything [laughs].”


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Fortunately, the long wait that Harlow had to endure in getting the record done ended up being worth it as it allowed him to give the best gift he could to his city in the form of music. Harlow thinks it’s one of the best songs off That’s What They All Say and made him a proud Kentuckian.

“Getting to do that record for Kentucky is huge,” Harlow added. “To have two of my idols on there with me? Bryson came out when I was in high school, and I had his notifications turned on. I was trying to go to the shows because I was a fan.”

“The fact that Bryson did this for me and it’s the second feature he’s done for me. Bryson’s a legend of mine, and he is in a lot of people’s eyes. I really love him. I idolize him,” he said.

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Harlow continued, “And then, Static Major, rest in peace. He was before both of us and just set this standard of excellence, soul and certain energy from the city that made it seem like it was possible. It’s huge, bro. I can’t describe it. This song is something I can hang my hat on for the rest of my life. It’s already a classic where I’m from.”

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