Bryson Tiller released his new music video for “Always Forever” on Thursday (October 22). One of the main talking points about the release turned out to be Kehlani, who stars in the visual and gets intimate with Tiller through plenty of hugs and kisses.

Shortly after it dropped, Kehlani shared photos of them up close in an Instagram post, along with a personal message for Tiller.

“To one of my dearest friends..matching tattoos, years worth of stories, nights of dying laughter and holding each other down in the roughest times..I’m so proud of you,” she said. “Thank you for being so solid. ‘Always Forever’ music video out now @brysontiller.”

Kehlani received backlash for the post, due to the fact Tiller is in a relationship and has a child with his girlfriend, Kendra Bailey. In response, she deleted the post altogether and cleared things up for those who had a problem with it.

“I post lengthy captions about all my friends,” she said in a since-deleted Instagram Story. “You would have to follow me to know that. Lengthy posts when their albums drop, birthdays, collars with them etc. that’s just me. But bless it! Cheers. Going back into the cuuuutz.”

“Always Forever” is directed by Kid. Studio and stars Tiller and Kehlani as an on-screen couple. The pair spend the three minutes holding hands and kissing in the bedroom, as well as going out for romantic meals and laying under the sun.

“See you in the nighttime, babe, it’s nighttime/Wish you had feelings like mine, baby/Feels like I’m still just a homie/Actin’ like you dont want me,” he sings.

The track is one of the 10 songs on Bryson Tiller’s ANNIVERSARY album, which was released on October 2.

Fans had mixed reactions to both the visual and Kehlani’s original post about Tiller, with some feeling it was out of line towards his current partner.

“Omo the chemistry between Kehlani and Bryson Tiller in this Always Forever music video,” a Twitter user wrote. “Kendra should just leave Bryson for Kehlani, that’s her man now.”

Another said, “I see kehlani deleted that Bryson tiller post. She knew that shit was messy, lusty and wrong.”

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“Wheeew Idk how Kendra Bailey does it but knowing kehlani wasn’t even a feature and she all up on her “friend” in the music video.. yea it’s a no for me cause why couldn’t yo girl pay the female role?” a fan questioned. “Something is fishy.”

Take a look at more reactions below.