It looks like YFN Lucci may know more about YoungBoy Never Broke Again than what the Baton Rouge rapper is giving off to the public. After calling YoungBoy a bitch back in October for speaking on his on-again, off-again girlfriend Reginae Carter, Lucci is throwing shots once more at YoungBoy’s expense.

During a conversation with VladTV on Saturday (December 19), the Atlanta rapper gave insight into why he called YoungBoy such a derogatory word and hinted he might have run into him in the streets back in the day.

“You gonna let somebody say that about your folks?” Lucci asked DJ Vlad at around the 6-minute mark in the YouTube video. “Talking about nutting in your folk? I’ll beat your ass. I don’t care. You ain’t about to be out here doing all this shit.”

Vlad then asked Lucci to clarify the “bitch” comments he made towards YoungBoy. He cleverly responded by hinting at a possible interaction between the two rappers before they became rap stars.

“I was just talking shit,” Lucci said in between a series of bellowing laughs. “I’m saying, though, I might know something. I might’ve seen him in person before.”

When asked if he would like to clarify, Lucci kept a tight lip and said there is no need to share the possible incendiary information he has kept away on YoungBoy. With both rappers being from two different states, there is no clue what type of interaction these two had or what Lucci saw with his own eyes, but one thing is for sure, he’s not done with YoungBoy yet.

All this hostility began in October when YoungBoy namedropped Carter, who also happens to be Lil Wayne’s daughter, in his freestyle “Story of O.J. (Top Version).” In the song, the rapper confesses he wants to have a child with her to bring in an age of Louisiana royalty.

“I’m trying to convince Fee to tell Reginae how big the shit gonna be if we have a baby, but I’m serious though,” Youngboy raps on the No I.D.-produced track.


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Lucci did not take the name drop too lightly. He proceeded to diss the Top rapper and call him a real bitch in person in the comments section of The Shade Room’s Instagram post of the song. Fans wondered what he meant by that statement, and thanks to his recent interview with VladTV, fans have gotten a bit more information on the topic.

Lucci and Carter have been in an on-and-off relationship that dates back to February 2018. The couple recently broke up in the summer of that following year after Lucci posted pictures of himself at an X-rated cucumber party featuring women performing sexual activities with the vegetable.

YFN Lucci Disses YoungBoy Never Broke Again For Lusting After Lil Wayne's Daughter

Carter went to her Instagram Live to voice her frustrations with the photos and publicly dragged Lucci calling him childish, dirty and pathetic. The two have since reconciled publicly, but during that interview with VladTV, Lucci gave his thoughts on the break-up, explaining Carter had no reason to break-up with him in the first place.

“I don’t give a damn,” he said when Vlad asked about the situation with Carter. “I understand where they come from, where they’re like, I just tried to comment or I shouldn’t have been at the party. But I’m hosting the party. I’m just here. I ain’t putting no cucumber in no girl’s mouth.”

“And when I commented on the girl sucking the cucumber, it was just like, that’s some shit I ain’t never seen. So I’m like, ‘What the fuck?’ You feel me? That ain’t no shit to break up with a nigga for. You feel me?”