Bun B is standing tall on his initial sentiments about Tory Lanez following the Toronto native’s incident with Megan Thee Stallion.

The legendary Houston rhymer sat down with HotNewHipHop on Monday (December 14), and he was asked about speaking out against Lanez in August. According to Bun, he has no regrets about standing up for his fellow Houston rhymer and he’s not worried about whether it affected his relationship with Lanez.

“I mean, people are usually waiting for that first person to say something, and then more and more people will step to the table,” he said. “I feel like if I hadn’t said anything, I’m not sure how much people would have even spoken on this issue. And if my relationship with Tory Lanez is damaged, then so be it. We have to protect our Black women and any Black man that doesn’t feel the same way is not my brother.”

Back in August, Bun took to Instagram with some vitriol for Lanez just days after Megan named him as the trigger man.

“Tory Lanez did some whore shit, period,” he said. “Yeah, I know Tory, I know his manager and all them, fuck all that though. Fuck all that. If the man on drugs, get him some goddamn rehab. If the man got mental health issues, get him some therapy. But you not gon’ sit here and shoot this girl and we not gon’ say nothing. That shit not real n-gga shit. It’s not. Anytime a man hurts a woman, that’s obsession. That ain’t love. He had no reason to shoot this girl.”

Lanez hit back on his DAYSTAR album the following month, calling the Hip Hop icon a hypocrite.

“We got Bun B on live saying I should burn in a cage/In these times of Black lives, he saying I should turn to slave/If [Pimp C] heard that, then my n-gga would have a rage right now/No diss to Pimp and Bun, but you made ‘Big Pimpin’,’ son/Pouring champagne on women faces while they flick they tongue/I’m too young to give you lessons, but I’d like to give you one/Please stay the fuck up out my case, I ain’t convicted, son.”

Elsewhere in his convo with HNHH, Bun elaborated on the deep ties he has with Meg that go beyond music.

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“And to go even deeper with Megan, my wife was friends with Megan’s father,” he explained. “And so when we’ve been around Megan, my wife has been in a position to kind of tell her things about her father that she maybe didn’t know because her father died when she was very young. He was murdered. And I let her know, like, as you move through Hip Hop, things can get crazy. Every now and then, if you find yourself in one of these crazy situations, don’t worry about it. We will protect you. You know, I’m an elder in the city, we’re gonna protect you.”

Read the full interview over at HNHH.