NLE Choppa is advcoating for record labels to do right by their artists.

As he continues his own journey through healthier living and enlightenment via meditation and spirituality, the 18-year-old Memphis native shed some spotlight on Famous Dex and urged his label to reach out to the Chicago rapper before something terrible could happen to him.

“I’ve never been the type to be in folks business but @300 y’all see @FamousDex obviously on drugs too heavy,” NLE wrote on Twitter Friday (November 27) about his fellow Warner Music artist. “Can y’all at least try surrounding that man around somebody with his best interest. Help dude out, or somebody who already is in his ear uplift dude he NEEDING it”

Dex apparently saw the tweet and responded on Saturday (November 28), pointing out while he’s thankful for the support, there are more people fighting drug battles than him across the world.

“He cares. At least somebody cares,” Dex said in regards to NLE’s plea. “He didn’t say anything wrong. At least somebody cares and shit and I really appreciated the love and support, but the world on drugs and I look mighty damn fine.”

Although NLE could have made the call in private in regards to Dex, his public plea highlights a greater problem with drugs in Hip Hop. A number of high-profile artists in recent years have been public about battling addiction such as Mac Miller and Juice Wrld and sadly, both lost their lives.

NLE Choppa Pissed At YouTube For Removing 'Paradise' Video Over 'Fake-Ass Coronavirus' Lyrics

NLE’s work in regards to enlightenment for all has hit a few snags. Shortly after the release of his From Dark To Light album, he released the video for “Paradise,” featuring a lyric calling COVID-19 “fake.” YouTube then removed the video, claiming it was sharing misleading information in regards to coronavirus and the pandemic.