Lil Jon is back in the spotlight. Crunk Rock is a little more than half way done and the man is back to spinning. Aside from music, he’s also getting some voice over work in Hollywood. It looks like we’ll be seeing more of Jon and hearing more of him as well.
“It’s probably really like 65 percent, maybe 70 percent done,” Jon explained to MTV. “I’m still tweaking and coming up with other ideas and other collaborations I want to get done. [But] I’m back and forth so much now from Atlanta to L.A.; I’m trying to get more of the rap tracks down. Half of the album is going to be fusion rap and rock stuff, and half of it is going to be the stuff they normally know me from.”
Jon is also behind the turn tables again. According to him, this has become his new fun, hobby.

“I’m starting to have fun again,” Jon said. “It became a job, because I was so busy, I had so much going on. I had to support too many acts; I had to get so many records done. But now it’s slowed down. I took a break, and now I’m having fun again. That’s why I started DJing again — it got me back to my core. I needed to do something to help relieve the stress. I love going to the club. I love to party. And when I was a DJ and started, I loved to make people dance. That’s what I’m getting back to.”
The album Crunk Rock should hit stores in 2008. The exact date has not been finalized as of yet and as noted, he is still working on it. DX will keep you posted on it.