Summer Walker is officially expecting a bundle of joy.

The Over It singer revealed on Instagram Friday (November 20) she was pregnant with her first child. The surprise announcement came with a photo of Walker clutching her growing baby bump and smiling. She turned the comments off on the post and merely wrote a series of halo face emojis for the caption.

Although there were breakup rumors between she and producer London on da Track, the couple is still going strong and recently shared a picnic together.



The pregnancy reveal from the “Girls Need Love” singer caused many to dig up receipts from statements she’s made earlier this year in regards to parenting and feeding children. She was critical of the mothers of London’s other children, called out fans in regards to celebs not having to publicly reveal their pregnancies and was vocal about how parents feed their children.

She took to Instagram in August and wrote, “Y’all weird for even giving babies that processed government shit. Throw some real fruit/veggies in a blender and give it to them. LOL revisiting cause [people] kept saying it’s too expensive.”

In a follow-up post, she added, “A pear 43 cent. Similar is 32 to 36 dollars. I don’t understand. A bowl of fruit for the child would still cost less than formula for the week. To feed the child daily $1.67, Meal 1pear 43 cent, Meal 2 apple 74 cent, Meal 3 peas 50 cent, $11.69 weekly. And they drink water so it’s cheaper. $23.38 for 2 weeks.”

Walker’s good news comes on the heels of the release of the “complete” version of her Over It debut album. The re-release contains the original album along with live versions and acapellas of songs such as “Come Thru,” “Girls Need Love” and more.



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As vocal as Walker has been in regards to R&B music, fans have been just as vocal about her pregnancy announcement. Numerous fans brought up her food comments in regards to parenting children and decided to go in. One user shared a clip of reality star Miss Juicy digging in her garden with the caption, “summer walker making dinner for her kids.”

Others decided to weigh in with even more snark and jokes for the singer. See the reactions below.