Last Spring, after Cam’ron appeared in an infamous YouTube video in his draws and socks telling Curtis to watch out, it’s gonna be a “hot summer”, the Hip Hop world was waiting to see what would become of the brewing beef.  But then strangely, Cam dropped off the face of the earth altogether. One minute he was telling 50 Cent to watch his back, and the next minute, he was seemingly in hiding.

Cam recently spoke with Miss Info of Hot 97 about his disappearance (which he attributes to his mother suffering multiple strokes that paralyzed her on her left side. He set up her rehabilitation and therapy, and kept an eye on her: “I told her, you not dying on my watch.”), and divulged a whole lot more:

On how people reacted to his absence:

“Even when I had my mom situated, she had the help she needs, the physical therapy, everything was right, that was like a month ago, I still laid low, because when I come out it’s gonna be done it right. But I just sat back and bugged out at how everyone else was acting  .I heard all the rumors, mad felonious shit, fake shit.  And I would tell niggas, ‘My moms just had a stroke’, and they’d be like ‘Oh, ok, so are you still coming through?’ Fam, what is wrong with you?…I ain’t talked to nobody, but I kept hearing all these stories. ‘Cam was in a car crash’. ‘Cam was begging for a deal’. Some hood DVD dudes were up up on [140th st] to try to find me. Folks were asking for interviews. I’m like Bigfoot, its crazy!”

On his double mixtape, Public Enemy #1, and new album :

“Actually I was in the middle of recording the album when everything happened. I had maybe a full CD of music since May or June. Now I’m looking to drop the album in February or March, 2008. But with all this nonsense going on, I had to put out this double CD real quick. And you know how I am, I don’t like to sit on old tracks so I decided to throw like 40 songs on there and make the mixtape free.The video we posted on [killacamspace] was just to make fun of the way ppl was acting. But in the hood, it was nothing like that. Everybody just been showing love like ‘Yo, please come back out. We need that.'”

On  50 Cent bringing Jim and Juelz onstage with him to perform “Ballin’:

“Actually, that was a great move for 50. First, he had Jim and Juelz, then he brought out Remy Ma and J-Hood, then I even saw Whoo kid on TV with Gillie the Kid goin’ at Lil Wayne. I commend him for that. You’re really snatching a person from they own set. And then you also are seeing these niggas’ potential.”

On Jim Jones:

“I still haven’t spoken to Jim. But Jim ran with me for over 10 yrs, he worked hard, and I wish him the best of luck. Everybody thinks I’m mad at Jim. Why am I mad? I told people for years that Jimmy was gonna be a star. So its better on my resume. I wish him the best. The only thing is, him being with 50, I can’t really run with that. Hang out with who you want to hang out, but me, I can’t really do nothing like that.”