Lil Wayne endorsed Donald Trump and his Platinum Plan last week, joining the likes of Lil Pump, Ice Cube and Kodak Black in their perceived support of the current POTUS. But according to singer John Legend, who collaborated with Weezy on “So Special” from Tha Carter IV,  he’s been sucked into the fictional “sunken place” from Jordan Peele’s psychological thriller Get Out. 

On Monday night (November 2), the day before Election Day, Legend spoke at Joe Biden’s final rally and insinuated any Trump-supporting rapper has been essentially brainwashed.

“Now, some people see the meanness, the bullying, the selfishness of Donald Trump and they mistake it for strength, a kind of twisted masculinity,” he said. “Some see his greed and they mistake it for being good at business. Some of your former favorite rappers have been taken in by these lies. I think they even founded a new supergroup, it’s called The Sunken Place.

“But Trump’s Platinum Plan for Black folks is nothing but fool’s gold, because you can’t bank on a word he says. Ask the students of Trump University. Ask all of the contractors he stiffed. Ask people his charity was supposed to help before it was shut down for being a fraud. Ask all the Black and Brown Americans who are dying from this virus and losing their jobs under his watch.”

Lil Wayne touted a photo with Trump via Twitter on October 29. He wrote in the caption, Just had a great meeting with @realdonaldtrump @potus besides what he’s done so far with criminal reform, the platinum plan is going to give the community real ownership. He listened to what we had to say today and assured he will and can get it done.”

The Platinum Plan for Black Americans is a proposal that includes prosecuting the Ku Klux Klan and Antifa as terrorist organizations, making Juneteenth a federal holiday and efforts to bolster Black economic prosperity. CNN reported Trump pulled in a mere 8 percent of the Black electorate in 2016 and an average of recent 2020 polls shows Biden leading Trump with Black voters by an 83 percent to 8 percent, or 75-point, margin.

Rich The Kid Reportedly Declines Donald Trump’s Offer To Join Lil Pump As Campaign Advocate

It seems Trump is doing everything he can to appeal to Black voters, which he apparently thinks will happen if he poses with famous rappers.

On Monday (November 2), Rich The Kid claimed someone from Trump’s administration tried to entice him to attend a Trump rally with a private jet and the promise of hanging out with “all the billionaires.” Rather than take them up on the offer, he exposed their text messages and said he was “no sellout.”