Royce Da 5’9 was the latest guest on Nick Cannon’s Cannon’s Class podcast and he got a few things off his chest. In a clip Cannon shared to Instagram on Monday (November 2), Royce broke down why his pet peeve is people of color “talking white” and exactly what he means by the phrase.

“One of my pet peeves is ‘talking white,'” the Detroit-bred MC began. “I just attribute that to like, us not knowing who we are. You gotta have an identity and it can’t be ignorance.”

When Cannon piggybacked off the statement and added how people define “talking white” as “speaking intelligent,” Royce elaborated further.

“It’s not ‘speaking intelligent’ because you could speak intelligent and not be ‘talking white,'” he added. “And a lot of times it’s not even to impress. It’s to fit in, send a signal that says, ‘I’m willing to be complicit, subservient and inferior to your superiority complex.’

“You have to be comfortable with me being myself. … I’m a multi-layered individual, but I don’t want to break myself up into different people to try to do this balancing act in life.”

Before the sit-down for his podcast, Cannon revealed he’d been talking to Royce back in September in an effort to squash his longstanding beef with Eminem.

“I’ve been trying to get…I done talked to Royce, we trying to really get it popping, ’cause I think at the end two men need to really have that conversation,” Cannon told Fat Joe in an interview. “While you at it, tell him to come…we’ll set up an exclusive Wild’n Out Detroit.”

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And apparently it worked. When Cannon posted a photo with Royce in October after recording the podcast, Nickel Nine revealed the issues were in the past.

“Ok I deserve this,” he wrote on Instagram. “Listen… Please stop making these. These are too hilarious… Beef between @eminem x @nickcannon is water under the bridge… Thank you to @fatjoe for helping to make it happen… Let’s spread love y’all.”