Snoop Dogg has remained one of the game’s more omnipresent figures. As he’s busy celebrating the Los Angeles Lakers’ 17th NBA title, Tha Doggfather is prepping to release his 18th studio album, Take It From A G.

The Hip Hop OG shared a teaser for the LP via Instagram on Saturday (October 31). The clip featured shots of the newest mural in Los Angeles highlighting the Lakers victory and a purple and gold Low Rider affectionately called LAKE SHOW canvassing the streets.

“Man c’mon Magic, you said it. You called it,” Snoop says in the clip, referencing basketball Hall of Famer Magic Johnson. “King James and LeBron was double trouble!”

Can’t fault “Magic” for referencing the four-time NBA MVP twice after besting the Miami Heat in six games. Being around Snoop usually means you’re getting high somehow.

“Dippin’ slow, sittin’ low, tippin’ up the streets,” Snoop raps on the track. “Girl you know how it goes when you with a G. Ain’t no disrespect talk you talkin’ to a P, always been a boss I can put you on your feet. Real icon, I’m the biggest from the Beach. Making all this money, I can get it in my sleep. Might let back the top so she can feel the breeze. The game’s sold not to be told, you can’t take it from a G.”

Snoop’s 18th studio effort, the follow-up to 2019’s I Wanna Thank Me, is due out in December.

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The D-O-Double-G’s love for all things purple and gold knows no bounds. Hours after the Lakers claimed the title, Snoop ventured to Mr. Cartoon to get Kobe Bryant inspired ink to honor the moment.

“Anything for the Lakers, everything for the Lakers, all things for the Lakers,” Snoop said. “Fuck the Clippers. That championship shit [is] something the Clippers don’t know nothing about!”