Hip Hop falls even further down the charts this week as other genres claims the top spots.  Kid Rock‘s latest came in #1 selling 173k, followed by Bruce Springsteen and Rascal Flatts.  Rap music doesn’t even make the top 5, with the 1st appearance being from Mr. Kanye West at #6.   Graduation sold 71k this week (1.48M total).  Songstress Keyshia Cole‘s Just Like You dropped in its second week down to #11 selling 53k (428k total).  Diddy‘s infamous ex, Jennifer Lopez, made a disappointing debut this week at #12.  Brave sold just under 53k.

After Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em managed to debut at #4 last week, Souljboytellem.com slid down to #15 selling 42k this week (160k total).  50 Cent‘s Curtis just barely makes it into the top 20 at #19 selling 38k (still slightly short of platinum) in his 5th week on the charts (995k total).

J.Holiday‘s Back of my Lac fell 15 spots to #20 selling 37k (142k total), while Trey Songz Trey Day fell from #11 to #30 with 25k sold (97k total).  Jagged Edge‘s Baby Makin Project, which has been met with mixed reviews, has taken the #47 spot after debuting at #8 just three weeks ago.  The R&B group sold 17k this week (131k total).

Despite great reviews, Chamilionaire‘s Ultimate Victory falls down the chart again to #73 selling 12k (134k total), while Common‘s Finding Forever holds the #84 spot, selling 10k (405k total).

Boyz in Da Hood‘s Back Up N Da Chevy sold 7.5k this week (23k total), and holds the #100 spot, as Twista‘s Adrenaline Rush 2000 takes the #105 spot selling 7k (76k total).