JAY-Z’s The Black Album has received a new mashup treatment courtesy of a producer named Spose. The Maine-based artist mixed Hov’s 2003 LP with The Smashing Pumpkins’ 1995 album Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness to create Marcy Projects And The Infinite Sadness.

“In June 2020, I was very stressed and couldn’t focus on making my own music,” Spose wrote on Facebook. “So, for fun, I started making a mash up album of my favorite band The Smashing Pumpkins and my favorite rapper JAY-Z. I really enjoyed the challenge and solving the puzzle of which songs, and which parts of songs, would go together well, etc.”

He added, “And so, before I give you all my new music, I present to you ‘Marcy Projects and the Infinite Sadness,’ my love letter to two of my favorite things on Earth.”

Mashup and remix projects were frequently made after Hov dropped an acapella version of The Black Album. Arguably the most noteworthy release to emerge was Danger Mouse’s The Grey Album, which blended Jay’s vocals with The Beatles’ self-titled album commonly known as The White Album.

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Over 15 years after The Grey Album became a sensation online, Spose has mashed up Jay’s The Black Album with another acclaimed rock LP.

Check out the Marcy Projects And The Infinite Sadness stream, cover art and tracklist below. Download the MP3’s here.

1. Interlude / Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
2. Change Clothes / I Am One
3. Public Service Announcement / Cherub Rock
4. Allure / Tonight, Tonight
5. Threat / Mayonaise
6. Encore / X.Y.U.
7. Moment of Clarity / Today
8. 99 Problems / Porcelina of the Vast Oceans
9. What More Can I Say / Hummer
10. Justify My Thug / Ava Adore
11. Lucifer / The Aeroplane Flies High
12. Dirt Off Your Shoulder / Eye
13. December 4th / Heavy Metal Machine
14. My First Song / Marquis In Spades