Lil Nas X has always had jokes and it shows in a throwback post he shared for social media’s latest trend.

Jumping in on the “How it started versus how it ended/how it’s going” wave, the “Panini” rapper shared a screenshot of a tweet he’d posted in 2018 and compared it to his current Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) certifications. In the 2018 post, Nas X joked about being impatient for his fame and fortune … and little did he know how close it truly was.

“i been rapping for 4 weeks why am i not rich and famous yet,” he tweeted on June 20, 2018.

“Old Town Road” would go on to be recorded in December of that year, and by April 2019, the record was so big that country legend Billy Ray Cyrus hopped out of retirement for the official remix. The song is now diamond status with the RIAA, signifying sales of over 10,000,000 – and it was the fastest song in history to reach that certification.



Other certifications Nas X has since received include platinum status for his second single “Panini,” as well as for his 7 EP and his collaboration with Cardi B, “Rodeo.”

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Following his massive entrance into the spotlight, Lil Nas X went into a hiatus of sorts and has not released a body of work since the aforementioned debut EP in June 2019. Last month, he teased his return to music by joking that the “Old Town Road” money was starting to run out, but nothing’s materialized as of yet. It’s safe to say that Nas X is both rich and famous as of 2020.