Jay-Z has responded to Nas by hitting him where it counts- below the belt.

Jigga debuted his reply record to Nas’s dis track “Ether” on Wednesday on Angie Martinez’s Hot 97 show. The song is called “Super Ugly” and features a section where Jigga brags about having slept with Nas’s baby’s momma in his own car. He also accused Nasty Nas of being a studio thug: “Ni**a never sold Aspirin/ How he Escobar?/ Had to buy your chain back last time you got robbed.”

The track comes in repsonse to Nas’s “Ether,” which even DJ Premier said burned Jay-Z real bad. In it, Nas accuses Jay-Z of being gay.

Has anyone else noticed that there seem to be a lot more beefs going on lately, and that they’re getting really personal again? If another dude gets shot, I’m outta this bullshit.