Twitter has launched an all-out virtual war against DJ Vlad and promptly wants him canceled. The VladTV host made some misleading comments about Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan last month that didn’t sit right with Royce Da 5’9. Consequently, the Bad Meets Evil MC took the time to make sure Vlad knew how he felt.

In a more recent Instagram video, Royce explained he still wanted an apology from Vlad, but Vlad said he would only publicly apologize to Farrakhan if he was able to sit down with him and tell him directly to his face.

“I did a video telling him that I want him to apologize, but I simply stated if you don’t apologize then you can’t have a relationship with me,” Royce explained. “I don’t feel like it’s that big a deal. I feel like it’s Vlad disrespecting the culture. I don’t feel like it’s that big of a deal because he’s been disrespecting the culture. Now, you’re taking personal shots at Dame Dash, one of our heroes, and making him out to be a bad father. And this is only appropriate in this business because we allow it.”

He added in the caption, “Wait…. What did I just watch? Vlad really might need to be humbled… The Minister? In person? Ya’ll didn’t laugh at that? Brave man in a complicit business.”

Royce then explained he called Vlad shortly after he demanded the initial apology and said they “communicated like two intelligent individuals.” He added he didn’t expect Vlad to understand why Farrakhan is important to so many Black people, but he insisted he be respected. He also scoffed at the notion Farrakhan would ever sit down with Vlad for an interview.

“Not only are you not getting an interview with the minister, you would never sit in the same room as the minister,” he said. “Who the fuck do you think you are, man? Why are y’all talking about this like this is even realistic? That’s a joke. That’s a farce. That shit will never happen. This has nothing to do with Minister Farrakhan. We don’t need you to like Farrakhan brother.

“You have to respect the culture, and I was just giving you the opportunity to do so while there’s no repercussions to you not apologizing. That’s when you show if you really have respect for the culture. That’s when you show, ‘Oh, I’m a guest in the house of Hip Hop and I’m a proud guest in the house of Hip Hop.’ That’s where you show it. You chose not to. You chose to use that as a moment to flex your muscle. But you’re not strong.”

The Motor City rapper then reminded Vlad Rick Ross allegedly ordered his entourage to once beat his ass, saying, “You know who you’re never going to disrespect again DJ Vlad? Rick Ross. Because he spoke to you in a language that you understand. You heard loud and clear.” But Royce said he wouldn’t “relapse as a man and resort to easy, easy acts of violence.”

In 2008, Vlad sued Ross to the tune of $4 million for allegedly launching a “brutal attack” on him at the Ozone Awards in Houston. He suffered a cut that required seven stitches below one of his eyes, three facial fractures, a corneal abrasion and possible permanent nerve damage. Two years later, a judge awarded Vlad $300,000.

Royce Da 5'9 Demands DJ Vlad Right His Minister Farrakhan Wrong

On Tuesday (September 22), Vlad mentions blew up on Twitter shortly after Lord Jamar (one of Vlad’s most consistent guests) and comedian Godfrey decided to join Royce “in solidarity” and discontinue their support of Vlad.

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