Atlanta, GA - 

As is customary for most beefs, Young Thug and YFN Lucci‘s issues have trickled down to their respective crews.

Thug’s YSL Records artist Yak Gotti was at the mall this week when he came across Lucci’s blue Mercedes Maybach and proceeded to post a picture standing on top of it.

“MANIYAK Is 73.0% ACTIVATED,” he wrote with the photo on Instagram. “Tag dat lil bitch.”

Lucci soon got word and was naturally less than pleased – especially because he ran into Gotti moments earlier in the mall and it was all love.

“Man I’m mad as hell,” he said in a video afterward. “I just seen these fuck niggas in the mall. Niggas ain’t say shit! Nigga dolo, I go outside, folk gotta tell me nigga standing on my car taking pictures! Fuck man. Why the fuck you ain’t say nothing in the mall? You wanna shake your head and shit. You shook your head to stand on my car you bitch ass nigga?”

The beef between the Atlanta rhymers dates back to 2017 when Lucci disagreed with Thug’s self-proclaimed title as the new Tupac Shakur and called him out for wearing a dress – something Lucci said Pac would never do. The pair have gone back and forth on social media intermittently since, and even saw Houston rapper Sauce Walka jump in at one point in 2019 in defense of his friend Lucci.

As a result, Thug and Walka now have beef as well.