After a video went viral showing G Herbo in handcuffs with police, the Chicago rapper had to break down what happened.

While on what appears to be a shopping run on Monday (August 10), Herbo took to social media to clear up rumors he’d been arrested or was in any kind of trouble.

“Hey look man check this out,” he began. “Who said Swerve was booked, man? Y’all know I don’t do that internet ass shit. Who said Swerve got incarcerated, man? Swerve don’t do nothing illegal. Swerve don’t get in no trouble. Swerve is a advocate for mental health. Hey look, you want me to break it down? This the story. This what had happened.”

He went to explain he was in the car with someone who was driving a little wild and the cops pulled them over. Police apparently made them get out of the car because of how dark the tint was and because they knew they weren’t doing anything wrong, they complied. As soon as they got out, fans recognized Herbo and cops decided it would be best to bring them in and finish their business there.

Though the “Like This” rapper was unable to fit the whole story in the clip, he ended it by writing on the screen, “LOL & WE WAS GOOD END OF STORY.”

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Herbo was previously arrested in 2018 with two other men when their driver called the police on them for having guns. The incident ultimately helped him discover his PTSD through speaking to a therapist, and later served as the inspiration for his PTSD album in February.

The project featured appearances from Chance The Rapper, Lil Uzi Vert, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, 21 Savage, the late Juice Wrld and more, and debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard 200. Revisit the album below.