Azealia Banks fans were put on notice over the weekend after the 29-year-old Harlem native hinted at her impending suicide. An outpouring of love and support flooded Twitter’s timeline, with many people begging others to give the same kind of compassion and empathy for Banks they’ve given Kanye West amid his most recent bipolar episode.

But apparently Banks has pulled herself out of whatever dark place she was swimming in to let her fans know she’s OK. In a series of Instagram posts, the often controversial rapper insisted she was on the mend — but had a lesson for her fans.

“I’m fine,” she caption a photo of herself. “Better than I was before.” She added in a follow-up post, “What is this obsession u bitches have with my despair?”

Banks then released a roughly 90-second video in which she berated people for showing fake love.

“Don’t show concern for me when I’m down,” she said. “That’s because I’m down. Support me when I’m up, bitch. Support me when I’m feeling good.”

She then warned writer Larry Jackson to  “get your little fucking retarded brother away from me,”  claiming the brother was harassing and stalking her,

But Banks wasn’t finished there. She then set her sights on the media for covering her suicidal Instagram messages, writing, “Big LOL to all the outlets reaching out for a story grab disguised as genuine concern.

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“Same outlets who routinely exclude me from the ‘protect black women,’ narratives. Go write your think pieces and email me when you’re ready to support me on a regular day when I’m doing well. Call me when you’re ready for that cover shoot sis.”

Whatever is going on with Banks, fans are relieved to hear she’s decided to stick around.

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