Azealia Banks started trending on Twitter over the weekend after she posted a series of alarming messages to her Instagram Stories.

On Sunday (August 9), the often controversial rapper flirted with suicide, writing, “Yea, I think I’m done here. This pandemic, extreme lack of social interaction, no intimacy, combined with constant public ridicule is making life harder than its worth.”

She added, “I’m not begging for attention or asking for sympathy/empathy……I’m just ready to go. Peacefully of course. My soul is tired. I’m ready to go. I will document my last times and release a film for you all to finally understand me, from my perspective. I will try my best to finish the project I promised beforehand. With whatever strength left.”

Over the past couple of weeks, Banks’ behavior has appeared more erratic than usual. After claiming she had knowledge Kanye West was a closeted homosexual, she shaved her head bald during an Instagram Live session. Her comments arrived after Ye went on an anti-abortion rant during his first presidential campaign rally in South Carolina last month. She also claimed to have sex with famed comedian Dave Chappelle  in May.

Azealia Banks Claims To Know Kanye West Is Hiding His Homosexuality, Then Shaves Her Head

Of course, Banks’ recent posts triggered the alarm bell for her fans and sent Twitter into a frenzy. Several posts begged people to show Banks the same compassion Kanye has been shown amid his most recent bipolar episode.

Suicidal ideation is nothing to joke about. If you or anyone you know is struggling with their mental health, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, call the National Suicide Prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

Banks’ fans are urging people to uplift her during what appears to be a difficult time for her. Check out some of the reactions below.