Bill O’Reilly launched into a Nas dis recently, where he mispronounced the rapper’s name and continued to ridicule him as a gangster rapper who should not be allowed to perform at Virginia Tech.

Now, Nas is speaking on O’Reilly and he is ready to debate. He spoke to MTV about this and more.

On a debate with O’Reilly:

Whenever he wants a debate, I’ll go through it. I know Bill O’Reilly’s test scores. I know what he did, what he’s trying to be … I’m a psycho. I’m an American psycho. [Addressing O’Reilly:] “Come to Queensbridge, [record your show] out there. Come to Jamaica, Queens [New York]. Do a show in Red Hook [Brooklyn, New York].” … I ain’t got no time to talk to a uncivilized savage. This man will go through all kinds of extremes for publicity. I will tell him I’m an American psycho, I’m his worst nightmare. “They Shootin’ ” is just the beginning.

I don’t downplay nothing, that’s who I am. When he wants to come holla at me, be ready for Hannibal Lecter. He don’t deserve an intelligent explanation. I’ll bite his nose off! He wants to talk to me like a animal? I will be — but only to him. With everybody else I’ll be a gentleman, including his wife. That’s right — I’m crazy. That’s how we should be to him. He isn’t here to help us, and we don’t need his help.

If Arnold Schwarzenegger comes to VA Tech, he’s gonna come dressed like the Terminator? [O’Reilly] would never say that about Arnold Schwarzenegger. But he’ll say that to me because he’s ignorant.

On the use of the n-word:

I mean, it’s a human problem. It’s reality. There’s so many prejudiced people in the world…You know what it is. It’s an ugliness. Racism is ugly. Our people are faced with a serious dilemma, what do we do? You got conservative, rich black folks that are above the word “n—a.” Rightfully so. Then you got the word n—a, which has the genius of the black mind and has been changed into a billion-dollar word through Richard Pryor, who should own it. Paul Mooney should own the word. N.W.A, Dr. Dre, should own a piece of the word. “N—a” has changed into a billion-dollar franchise. It’s just a smack in the face to all the races that we’ve changed that into a positive. You’re gonna have brothers and sisters who are educated who don’t need it. You also have a world who lives in it, who deals with it every day on levels that are unbearable.

It’s not right for all us who have made it to forget about everybody else in the struggle. Everybody ain’t make it out to be billionaires or filthy rich. We have to bridge that gap back to not come down on each other, especially hip-hop. Don’t come down on hip-hop for it. But at the end of the day? Whatever, man. I ain’t got no time for it. “N—a” is a part of my vocabulary — as far as I know — for life. Amongst each other, we say it in jokes. It’s really a stupid conversation to even have at this point, on the stage we have it on. If [the people who are against the use of the word] really wanted to have a conversation about it, it could have been done better. We didn’t invent the word. We took the word and made it into something positive and we made money off it. God bless Richard Pryor.

Nas also went on to speak about the Kanye/50 fiasco:

At first I was like, “Damn, he should be embarrassed,” but now I get it. I’m excited about his album and Kanye’s album, really. [50’s] got that street sh–. I wanna hear that. Kanye has that pure music. That wins all the time. This is n—as’ third albums. I’m looking at the controversy that they gotta put behind it and I’m like “damn!” It’s that competitive hip-hop sh–. But I feel that your third album in 2007, it should be mind-blowing. I’m just happy Kanye got some good sh–. I’m just sitting back in my chair looking at n—as like, “Hurry up!” It’s fun from where I’m at. I’m G’d up from where I’m at. Third album? Come on, bring it! Hip-hop needs it.

On Amy Winehouse:

People don’t know “Me and Mr. Jones” on her album, that’s me [she’s talking about.]. She mentions my birthday and then Destiny, that’s my daughter. Its all based around my sh–. I think she’s one of the hottest to hit the scene this year. She’s a true artist to the fullest…It felt like “U.B.R. (Unauthorized Biography of Rakim).” I was f—ing with it because it had that sound, the whole album had that sound I been f—ing with.

Nas is currently working on a reality show and a new album slated to drop this year.