Kanye West hasn’t given up on his presidential aspirations. According to TMZ, he’s even named his vice presidential candidate in filings to get on the ballots in Arkansas, Missouri and Vermont.

Yeezy has selected a “biblical life coach” named Michelle Tidball as his VP. Kanye mentioned Tidball as his potential VP choice in his bizarre interview with Forbes in July.

Tidball was relatively unknown before Kanye ever mentioned her, but she lives in Cody, Wyoming where he’s spent much of his time over the past few years. She runs an organization called Abundant Ministries and operates the website Yarash.org, which offers “spiritual coaching” (and collects donations via Paypal).

Although Yeezy is still trying to run for president, his prospects as an independent candidate are looking bleak. He’s recently missed the deadlines to appear on the ballots in Maryland, Nebraska and New York.

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He previously failed to meet the deadlines for Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas. He also withdrew his petition to appear on New Jersey’s ballot after the legitimacy of his signatures was challenged.

Kanye’s petition to get on the ballot in Illinois is being contested as well. He’s reportedly been working with a company called Let The Voters Decide to gather the signatures to be an independent candidate in various states.

So far, Kanye has only secured a spot on the presidential ballot in Oklahoma. He’s also vying for inclusion in Ohio and Wisconsin.