Dunk Rock landed a placement on Gunna’s Wunna LP, but the YSL Records artist had no clue who the producer was — until Dunk introduced himself in dramatic fashion. The producer behind the Roddy Ricch-assisted cut “Cooler Than A Bitch” posted up outside of Gunna’s studio with a sign to get attention for his album credit.

“This nigga just pulled up to the studio,” Gunna said in a clip of their interaction. “This what his sign say.”

The sign read, “I produced a song on Wunna.” Gunna appeared to not even know which track it was, asking the producer to name the cut. Dunk confirmed it was “Cooler Than A Bitch,” which was co-produced by 808 Mafia’s Tre Pounds.

“I stay on my hustle shit, preciate all the producers out there who fuck with me,” Dunk wrote on Instagram. “Salute @gunna & @turbothegreat.”

While some fans might be shocked to see Gunna and Dunk Rock link up for the first time in such a manner, it’s not unusual for rappers to have no clue who made their beats. Ambezza, one of the producers behind Drake and Future’s hit collaboration “Life Is Good,” illustrated how he worked with the two despite never speaking with them in an interview with HipHopDX.

“The connection happened through my co-producer, OZ,” he told DX. “He’s closely connected to the Drake camp, and I think basically the song happened in two stages where it was two separate songs that just got put together. It’s two different beats. [The] Future part was produced by this producer named D. Hill, really awesome guy. And the Drake part was produced by myself and OZ.”

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Ambezza also explained why he hadn’t heard from Drake or Future directly despite landing a major credit with them.

“We’re talking about the top guys, so it’s really, really, really difficult to get in with them,” he said. “Of course, I’m hoping to in the future, you never know what the future holds. But until then it’s just important to build your credit and your brand. It just goes to show that one placement with those guys doesn’t really mean that you’re locked in with them forever. I don’t know if they know my name or whatnot. But all that stuff for me is just work until they do.”

Check out Dunk Rock’s work on Gunna’s “Cooler Than A Bitch” below and revisit DX’s full interview with Ambezza here.