Atlanta, GA

Quality Control artist Lil Marlo was shot and killed in Atlanta over the weekend but as his peers and fans mourned his death, a rumor started to circulate Lil Baby was the intended target.

The unconfirmed report was first published by Hip Hop Overload and a snippet of the article was shared by Akademiks in a since-deleted post. It read, “Sources are saying Atlanta Police revealed an alleged $50,000 hit that killed Marlo this weekend was actually targeted to kill Lil Baby instead.”

Quality Control Rapper Lil Marlo Shot & Killed In Atlanta

Once Lil Baby caught wind of the rumor, he commented on Akademiks’ post, “Like come on bro … certain ain’t to be posted.” He coupled it with several laughing emojis, an obvious sign he thought the entire thing was ridiculous.

Lil Baby then headed to Twitter to continue bashing the notion.

“Legends Don’t Die,” he wrote. “When In the streets kno what comes with this shit #longliveru. If you fucc wit me don’t post no weak ass fake news! If it wasn’t for my career I wouldn’t be on the internet period …. people be different.”

The 30-year-old rapper signed to Quality Control in 2017 and dropped several mixtapes, including 1st n 3rd,The Real 1 and 9th Ward God 2. He also contributed to the Quality Control: Control The Streets compilations. His collaborative project with labelmate Lil Baby, 2 The Hard Way, arrived in 2017.

But now his burgeoning career has come to a tragic end. Marlo was hit by at least one bullet while driving on a Georgia’s Interstate 285 towards Atlanta’s downtown area late Saturday night (July 11). He was pronounced dead at the scene.