Twitter is having a field day with Pusha T and Young Thug’s apparent beef.

Not long after Thugger called out King Push for sneak-dissing Drake on the leaked Pop Smoke song “Paranoia,” the DAYTONA rapper fired back in an attempt to set Thug straight. In the process, he suggested the 6 God was basically a snitch and possibly reignited their long-running feud.

“You know reality bites/It’s chess, not checkers,” he raps in the song. “Those empty threats only sound good on your records/If the patois is not followed by a Blocka … I might even buy a home out in Mississauga,” the Canadian city right next to Drake’s hometown of Toronto.

Par for the course, reactions started flying in on Tuesday (July 7) as Pusha and Thug fans waged war. Some of Pop Smoke’s fans were disgusted by both Push and Thugs’ behavior and criticized them for even creating an issue.

“Pusha T and Drake can throw subs at each other for the rest of eternity, it’s Hip Hop,” one Twitter user wrote. “But keep that energy off Pop Smoke’s album out of respect for bro.”

Push and Drake engaged in a now-infamous back-and-forth in 2018 after Push dissed him on the DAYTONA track “Infrared.” Although Drake tried to annihilate the G.O.O.D. Music president with the “Duppy Freestyle,” the Clipse MC pulled out everything he had in his arsenal for “The Story Of Adidon,” exposing Drake’s “secret son” to the entire world.

Pusha T Sets Young Thug Straight While Suggesting Drake's A Snitch

In an interview with Rap Radar, Drake conceded Push won that round but admitted he had no interest in ever making things right with “that person.” Still, some Hip Hop enthusiasts think it’s time for Push to let his problems with Drake go, others are siding with Thug and some reminded the internet Drake did the exact same thing to Meek Mill.

Check out some of the reactions below.