The Kanye West and 50 Cent show down is less than a week away. And what better way to gain more publicity than to pose for the new Rolling Stone cover together (below).

Excerpt from the 50 Cent story:

“He has said that he will retire if Kanye West sells more records than him. He has also said that he would like to challenge West to a televised debate. And he has argued that nearly all of the current interest accorded West is entirely owed to him. He has a showman’s flair in moments like this, Don King meets Muhammad Ali, selling a spectacle, drumming up business, popcorn, peanuts, cotton candy, come one, come all. His words will bring the masses. That’s what hustlers do, and that’s what hustlers know. And 50 Cent, above all else, is a hustler, one that mastered the fine art of speaking in intoxicating sound bites long before publicists were paid to be in the picture. Sometimes those bites feel scripted, other times they feel spontaneous. But they are seldom boring. Like when 50 Cent laughs and says of his rivalry with West, ‘I’m King Kong. Kanye is human. Humans run when they see King Kong, because they’re scared.’ Though his face betrays no emotion, you can feel him thinking, ‘Are you entertained!!!’”

Excerpt from the Kanye West story

“Famously, West complained to
reporters backstage at the 2004 American Music Awards after country singer
Gretchen Wilson won for Best New Artist, expressed his outrage at the rampant
homophobia in hip-hop and, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, declared that
George Bush doesn’t care about black people. Aside from the rare fashion faux
pas — he’d like to forget that he showed up at the Grammys last year in a
lavender tuxedo/white-glove combo — it is usually West’s mouth that lands him
in pop-culture purgatory. And last November, after he stormed the stage to
protest a Best Video victory by dance-music tag team Justice and Simian at MTV’s
European Music Awards, he watched his approval ratings plummet. ‘When I saw it
on MSN the next day, it looks like I went into an orphanage and bit a baby’s
head off,’ says West, who obsessively monitors his image via blogs and other
Internet sites. ‘I felt like the Earth was on top of me.’”

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